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Every task we take up in the virtual world requires using a mouse or a trackpad as we work and play on our gadgets. Whether you want to finish editing documents or beat your friends in an online game, you would need to be quick at clicking the mouse button. Can you practice this and get better at it? Yes. And the way to do it is by taking a CPS or Clicks Per Second Test.

What is a CPS TEST?

A CPS test measures the speed at which you can click your mouse in a particular unit of time. This could be 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, a minute or even 100 seconds. A high score means that you can click faster. You can take this test on our site. This can be done daily to improve speed as well.

To take the CPS counter on the site, you must start clicking multiple times with your mouse in the space where it says Click Here to Start. As soon as you start clicking, the timer will commence. And when your time is up, the site will show your CPS score.

CPS score is calculated by dividing your total number of clicks by the time taken to finish the clicks. If you wish to have a decent score, you must be able to click more than five times per second.

How to use Cps Test tool?

Our site cps-test.info is easy to use and gives you accurate scores. Just open the website and click the box that says Click Here to Start Playing. The timer is at a default setting of 5 seconds. You can change the timer settings by clicking on the options on the right side of the screen. Once the timer stops, you will see your rank, score and clicks per second on the screen.

Why cps test is required?

Many people want to improve their clicking speed to complete work-related tasks quickly. Mostly CPS test improves the clicking speed of gamers. Click speed test can be played as a game to beat other players or just as a way of relaxing. It is a fun way to socialize wherein you invite other players to compete with you. Gamers usually make use of a gaming mouse which is highly sensitive as compared to a regular mouse. Some players are also interested in setting records. Thus, the CPS tester is a game in itself and a way to improve clicking speed for use in other areas.

Benefits of Click Speed Test

Apart from improving speed, users gain multiple benefits from the click speed test. For many, it helps in calming the mind as it is a repetitive action done at a particular speed of time. This can be developed as a relaxing hobby too.

In addition, many users claim improved focus and quick response time as a result of click speed test, not just at work or in gaming but during other daily activities.

Improving CPS counter scores requires concentration and regular practice. Practising each day or having a set routine for it will help you be consistent in your work.

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Cps tester importance in Minecraft

Professional gamers looking to increase their CPS score do so by playing the Minecraft Pvp version. This refers to gamers in combat mode, trying to play in a team or a single-player version against another opponent.

In either mode, how fast you click will determine your hits and, consequently, your wins and losses. Improving your CPS score is indispensable if you want to get a high number of kills, and players must have a gaming mouse for this purpose.

In addition to high-speed clicking, perfect aiming is crucial, whether players are trying to hit a moving target or a stationary one.

Types of Clicking

Various clicking methods include Jitter clicking, Butterfly clicking or Drag clicking. These clicking variations are used mainly by competitive gamers for the multiple tasks they have to undertake in PVP (player versus player) games like Minecraft.

  • Regular clicking

    Users routine mouse clicks daily while using the computer are regular clicks. Regular clicking in Minecraft might give you around 4 to 6 clicks per second. With practice, this score can go up to 8. There is always a limit to how much one can score using the regular clicking method.

  • Jitter clicking

    Jitter clicking is a fast clicking technique that uses both the fingers and the player'splayer's wrist and arm. This is quite tough and needs a lot of muscle control, and it is impossible to jitter click suddenly. Players can start trying jitter-clicking as they get better at regular and butterfly-clicking.

  • Butterfly clicking

    As the name suggests, butterfly clicking is when a player uses a two-finger alternate clicking method on the mouse. When one finger is up, the other will click and vice versa. This clicking method is considered more precise and gives you a higher score, almost up to 25 clicks per second. Many players practice Butterfly clicking to improve scores.

  • Drag clicking

    This is considered a method of clicking that can give the highest scores in a CPS tester. Drag clicking involves dragging and clicking simultaneously at a very high speed. Minecraft Pvp combat players usually beat their opponents on this clicking method.

CPS test results

Your score will be calculated based on the time frame you have chosen. Record scores for CPS have been as high as 1051 clicks in 10 seconds, and Dylan Allred set this record from Las Vegas. But on average, moderately quick users click about 5-7 times per second.

Whether the CPS tester is used to increase work productivity or recreation, it is a great tool that is easily accessible to all and can improve user performance across domains.